S&OP in one day!

Review S&OP in One Day – 2018

Last March 19th the S&OP in One Day-event took place!

To get an impression of this inspiring day, click here.

Align your team with S&OP – a brief program outline of day event


Experience how to achieve company-wide alignment in one day with Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP).
Generally, your colleagues have:

  • Different backgrounds
  • Their own targets and agendas
  • Different ways of looking at things

What is the perspective of your colleagues from Sales or Production? What is their view on the world? How do they perceive your position? How do you create collaboration towards a common goal?

Understanding everyone’s role
Wouldn’t it be great to work towards the same goal with all your colleagues? To achieve improvements together, with an understanding of everyone’s role in the process? Are you working in procurement, operations, supply chain, logistics or sales? Register for this training day and experience how to improve!

Facilitated by S&OP experts
During the training, Involvation’s S&OP experts will help you answer the following questions:

  • What are the benefits and risks of goals, targets and strategy when executing S&OP?
  • How can you define a common strategy?
  • How can you achieve this together as a team?

And of course:

  • What is Sales & Operations Planning?
  • What are the enabling methods and techniques?

Experience S&OP
During this high energy-training day, you will apply S&OP in a virtual environment. Work together as a team. Save a company from bankruptcy. Understand each other’s views. Experience a different way of working.

Interactive training in teams

Experience in teams
During the training, you
will experience the S&OP
process by working in teams
of four.
Serious Gaming
With your team, you will play multiple rounds of the S&OP simulation game “The Fresh Connection”. You will need to bring a laptop or tablet along to the training session.
Interactive training sessions
Interactive S&OP training sessions will be provided by experienced Involvation consultants before and after the gaming rounds.


S&OP simulation – take part now in an international competition!

Are you as a team interested to test your S&OP-skills in a simulation environment with many teams of other organizations? Click here.


More information about S&OP

Hans van der Drift 250x250pxDo you want to know more about for instance the options for an in-house S&OP event or do you have another question concerning S&OP, please contact Hans van der Drift at h.vddrift@involvation.nl.


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