The Path to Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Many organizations have a basic S&OP process in place and now want to take the next step to integrated business planning (IBP) in order to maximize the benefits of the process. Supply Chain Media and Involvation have developed this roadmap showing typical obstacles on the path to IBP and how to overcome them.

Avebe wins Dutch final of The Fresh Connection Global Challenge 2018!

During the Dutch final on Monday 18 June, the ‘Innovation by Nature’ team from Avebe achieved the best performance with the fictitious juice manufacturing company ‘The Fresh Connection’, thus securing a place in the global final which will be held this September in Milan, Italy! The top eight teams from the preliminary rounds came together…

Want to get a tighter grip on projects? Escape the planning mismatch!

On 4 June 2018, a diverse group of supply chain professionals gathered at the Shell Pernis refinery in the Netherlands for an inspiration session called ‘Grip on projects’. Although the participants came from a wide variety of companies, including machine builders, maintenance companies and grid operators, it quickly became clear that they all face the…

Will your Supply Chain team reveal their true colours?

Every day, we work with our customers to optimize their supply chains, whether as part of consultancy projects in which we explore better approaches to processes, systems and organizations, or by providing training to increase our customers’ knowledge of supply chain management so that they can continue to make lasting improvements themselves. A supply chain…

The power of simulation in S&OP competency building

For any process to work well, the people running it need to have the right skills and competencies and S&OP is no exception. Even when having done an excellent job in creating buy-in and setting-up processes and systems, S&OP will not be effective if the practitioners are not able to execute it. Competencies and skills…

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